The Green Fairy

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Absinthe, also known  as ‘the green fairy’,  is an anise flavored, distilled, high-proof beverage which peaked in popularity during the Fin de Siècle, particularly in it’s country of origin, France, where it was consumed in large quantities by all levels … Read More


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Summertime spells heat and sun for most of us in temperate climate zones. To cool off, humans and animals alike trek to water, and seek shade under cool tree canopy. A popular deciduous shade tree is the Plane tree, or … Read More

‘Tis the season

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The holiday season is here, it’s dark and cold outside, and we spend more time inside, socializing with friends and family. It’s the season to be jolly; and spread influenza and other cold viruses to each other, Here are some … Read More

Postcard to Bulgaria

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Dear BG, I will admit, your charms have left a lasting impression on me. Your natural beauty is stunning, with a towering Stara Planina mountain plateau to the north, and the even more beautiful Rhodope mountains in your south. Nestled … Read More

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