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Rosa damascena

Dried Whole Buds


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 Rose Buds


Rosa damascena

100% pure, natural, unadulterated, pesticide free
 beautiful, aromatic, dried buds
from organic cultivation
1 cup = 1 oz
  • suitable for tea blends
  • use as culinary ingredient to flavor jams, desserts, cakes, sugars, salts
  • perfect for food decoration
  • use to flavor and/or garnish cocktails and other libations
  • add to potpourri blends
  • burn as incense
  • perfect for altar offerings, crafts, wedding favors, wedding toss
Roses are extremely difficult to grow without the use of pesticides and herbicides, and hence truly pesticide free roses are very hard to find on the herbal market.
Rose buds are a natural product, which are hand harvested daily in the early morning hours, and dried afterwards.
Please note:
During drying and storage about 1% of the rose petals separate from the whole buds.




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